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29.10.2012, 16:10

National professional public organization “Union of Auditors of Ukraine” (VPOO “UAU”) established under the Law of Ukraine “On Auditing”, adopted on 22 April 1993. The Act defines the legal framework for the implementation of audit activity in Ukraine, aimed at creating a system of independent monitoring to protect the interests of the owner. Organizational issues

29.10.2012, 16:10

Ukrainian public organization founded in 2002 to bring together lawyers to create a strong and influential professional community, which would become a powerful voice of the legal community in the country. In April 2012, a UAL joined Elena Kravchenko, attorney of the law firm “Global Lawyer”, the head of the legal department of the “Global

29.10.2012, 16:10

Non-governmental non-profit self-governing organization, which, on a voluntary basis legal entities and Ukrainian citizens registered as entrepreneurs as well as their associations. The members of the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine are about 9000 companies and enterprises of different ownership forms. “Global Consulting” Corporation is a member of the Chamber of Commerce since 2001.

14.07.2012, 16:07

The largest international association of independent accounting and consulting firms, which occupies the 5th place in the world of largest professional associations, up to 2011. Non-profit social organization. Headquartered in London, UK. “Global Consulting” Corporation is a member of AGN International since 2007.