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Company news

20.03.2014, 15:03
Since May 2013 Audit & Consulting Corporation “Global Consulting” became the member of IMC-Ukraine. Thanks to membership in IMC-Ukraine “Global Consulting” Corporation joined professional community whose efforts are directed to development of consulting market in Ukraine. It also guarantees high quality of consulting services of the corporation.
20.03.2014, 15:03
At the end of June the studies at Small Business School (from Kharkiv Regional Fund of business support of Regional State Administration) were finished. The lecturers of the School were lawyers and tax consultants of “Global Consulting” Corporation.
14.01.2014, 16:01
On September 5 on the occasion of The Day of businessman the best representatives of business area were congratulated and awarded in Kharkiv Opera and Ballet theatre. Among them there was Irina Obydenkina, the director of Audit and Consulting Corporation “Global Consulting”. On September 5 the businessmen of Kharkiv were congratulated on the occasion of professional holiday. The event was held in Kharkiv National N. Lysenko Opera and Ballet Academy Theatre. During the celebration the best businessmen were awarded with Diploma of City Council Executive Body. The director of “Global Consulting” Corporation was awarded with testimonial from the Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration for the weighty contribution to developing of business, solving social and economic problems and high professionality.
30.12.2013, 19:12

09.12.2013, 11:12
On the 8th of November 2013 the final meeting of the international conference “One day of life of the audit firm” was held in Kharkiv. It was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the audit in Ukraine. Natalia Pogrebna (AF “Global Audit”director) spoke at this conference. This business event was arranged at the support of Ukrainian Audit Chamber. The conference was running during the whole day. The representatives of Kharkiv audit firms, tax consultants and other members of the professional association performed this presentations and took part in discussions.