You are looking for an experienced qualified accountant, who is constantly aware of the new requirements to the design and management of the financial statements, changes and innovations in the legislation? Or your staff accountant needs a professional accounting support and assistance? All these questions have one effective response – accounting managed by the specialized firm.

It is very important to choose a specialist whom you entrust accounting of your firm. From his experience and skill level depends very much. Therefore, you should entrust the organization of accounting and tax accounting to the team of highly professional accountants of “Global Consulting” Corporation. A staff of professionals in the field of accounting and taxation is ready to provide you quality organization of accounting.

Why “Global Consulting” Corporation?

  • Competent accountants with 10 years practice in accounting for legal entities.
  • Hundreds of companies inUkraine, which have entrusted setting, restoration and maintenance of accounting and taxation to our company.
  • Experience of working with companies from different fields of activity
  • Hundreds of customers who recommend us to their friends.


What do we offer?

  • Setting, restoration and maintenance of accounting and taxation for legal entities.
  • Preparation and submission of reports to all regulatory authorities
  • Maintain and provide all reports for inspection bodies
  • Payment or control of the payment of all tax liabilities
  • Personnel accounting and payroll
  • Supporting  checks


What do you get?

  • Staff of professional accountants to whom you do not need to select and equip the jobs and pay wages who do not need hospital’s and vacation.
  • Exemption from monotonous paper-work and communication with regulatory authorities.
  • Proper execution of all forms of reporting, as well as their timely delivery to the tax authorities.
  • Saving of resources, time and nerves.


With this service also bought:

  • Advice on taxation and accounting.
  • Tax planning.
  • Legal advice.
  • Subscriber legal services.