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Accounting for legal entities You are looking for an experienced qualified accountant, who is constantly aware of the new requirements to the design and management Accounting for individual entrepreneur Ukrainian reality is that every day there is a huge number of various changes and innovations in the legislation. Therefore accounting
Advice on accounting and taxes Today, tax advice often required as for practicing accountants as for individual entrepreneur. It is simply impossible to keep track of Tax planning Effective tax planning is the way to success for any company. A reduction in tax payments is the natural desire of its head. Competent
Restoration of accounting In many enterprises are not rare situation where after being fired accountant or office move, primary documents and financial
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Взаимоотношение арендаторов и арендодателей: точки конфликта и возможности компромисса. Налоговый учет у арендаторов и арендодателей.
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Accounting services are more in demand in the market. The realities of the Ukrainian economy dictate the rules. Every day there is a huge number of various changes and innovations in the legislation. There are new requirements associated with the preparation and maintenance of financial reporting, etc. Here, even the most experienced and qualified accountant can not overpower the array of constantly updated information by himself. Not to mention the business owners who are often don’t have professional accountant. They are, moreover, constantly need professional accounting services.

The specialists of «Global Consulting Corporation» are always ready to cooperate. You can safely entrust to a team of experienced, qualified accountants all matters relating to the conduct of the company’s accounting. With our experts all necessary procedures for accounting and taxes are always performed efficiently and on time. We are quickly and efficiently give answers to all the questions.

«Global Consulting» Corporation more than 10 years professionally provides accounting services in Kharkiv, Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk.