Reorganization of the enterprise is a procedure of terminating the legal entity or legal entities and the subsequent creation of a new object with the transfer of all rights and obligations. The reorganization process can be accomplished in several ways: by merger, acquisition, accession, division, separation. Before the reorganization process, to examine in detail the pros and cons of each option, especially given features of business and the needs of the company. Professionals in this field will help to understand all the details and focus on the most optimal way of reorganization the enterprise in Ukraine successfully and without problems.

Lawyers of LF “Global Lawyer” “Global Consulting” Corporation will give the entire range of services for the reorganization of a legal entity. We will help to make correctly the constituent documents and quickly register it in government to save you from a huge amount of documentary work. If the firm, for which the process of reorganization is carrying out, completes its work, our experts will also provide services of liquidation. If necessary, our professional accountants will take the accounting of the reorganized company.