PJSC «Teplichnuy»
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PJSC «Teplichnuy»

22.11.2012, 15:11 Due Diligence

Due diligence procedure of the object of purchase for «Teplichnuy» PJSC was conducted

Audit Team AF «Global Audit» in cooperation with lawyers of the law firm «Global Advocate» in February 2012 has carried out financial, tax and legal expertise (due diligence) of the object of purchase for «Teplichnuy» PJSC.

The project was carried out assessing the financial value of the company, its channels of income and expenses, as well as an assessment of the tax burden and identification of opportunities to optimize it.

In addition, the follow have been implemented:

  • due diligence examination of constituent and registration documents for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • checking the legality of decision-making by the General Meeting of Shareholders;
  • checking title to movable and immovable property as well as a right to use such property, etc.

Abstract of «Teplichnuy» PJSC

One of today's enterprises in greenhouse sector of Ukraine with significant experience in the greenhouse business.

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