In many enterprises are not rare situation where after being fired accountant or office move, primary documents and financial statements are being lost. Accounting and tax accounting may not be carrying out at all, or carrying out wrong, therefore does not meet the legal requirements, etc. In such cases, the firm really needs restoration of accounting.

This laborious procedure will help lead the company’s documents in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. Restoration of accounting will help to avoid potential trouble, since improper management accounting, delayed reporting to the Tax Office can face you with fines and adversely affect the financial position of the company.

If you encounter a situation where the company must restore accounting, specialists of  «Global Consulting» Corporation will make all the necessary procedures and help you avoid penalties and protect your business.

Why «Global Consulting» Corporation?

  • The professional accountants for over 10 years involved in the provision of accounting services to enterprises of different ownership forms and industries.
  • Hundreds of successful companies in Ukraine, which we helped to restore financial and tax accounting.
  • Hundreds of customers who recommend us to their friends.

What do we offer?

  • monitoring of tax and accounting;
  • work with the primary documentation, restoration of accounting entries;
  • ordering of documents in accordance with applicable law;
  • filing amended documents to regulatory authorities;
  • advising on the subsequent accounting;
  • a report on  work done.

What do you get?

  • Restoration of accounting
  • Correctly formed and sent to regulatory authorities reporting.
  • Staff of professional accountants to whom you do not need to select and equip the jobs and pay wages who do not need hospital’s and vacation.
  • Exemption from monotonous paper-work and communication with regulatory authorities.
  • Affordable cost of accounting services. 

With this service also bought:

  • Accounting and Tax Accounting for IE.
  • Accounting and Tax Accounting for legal entities.
  • Advice on taxation and accounting.
  • Tax planning.
  • Legal advice.
  • Subscriber legal services.