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Services in IFRS Today, most European countries necessarily apply IFRS in the financial statements. And their number is growing. This is quite natural, Statutory audit Statutory audit is an audit that required by law and should be held annually. Statutory audit conducted to confirm formally the
Initiative audit Initiative audit conducted at the request of the owner or manager of the company. This is the only difference from the statutory audit, Tax audit Tax audit is an independent audit of tax accounting.Such audit is carried out in order to understand properly charged and paid taxes in
Due Diligence Due Diligence is a comprehensive analysis of the company prior to its purchase, sale, merger or acquisition. During the due diligence Review of financial statements Typically, a review of financial statements conducted for the interim financial statements (for example, six months), or in preparing
Audit of grants of non-profit organizations Grant competitions for non-profit organizations in Ukraine are a quite common experience lately. Usually the grantmakers (mainly they
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Взаимоотношение арендаторов и арендодателей: точки конфликта и возможности компромисса. Налоговый учет у арендаторов и арендодателей.
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Professional and timely audit of the company allows getting an independent assessment of the financial affairs of the company and making decisions based on it, which are strategically important for the successful development of the business. Audit report is an ironclad guarantee of the reliability of financial information provided by the company and confirms that the financial statements reflect all legislations and regulations. Here a significant role played by the name and reputation of the auditor providing services for independent evaluation. It is important that the auditor can be fully trusted.

Auditing firm "Global Audit" (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk) provides all auditing services. Helping clients get expert evaluation of the company, objective information about its financial position. As a result, our customer is always sure of the reliability of the financial statements of the enterprise.

The audit reports from the “Global Consulting” Corporation, as from a member of the International Association AGN International, have a high level of confidence. We employ the auditors who have certificates of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine and diplomas in International Financial Reporting from ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).