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Business registration Joined the company is a complex process that is associated with many nuances and complexities. It is associated with a whole list of Liquidation and Bankruptcy Liquidation of the company is a time-consuming procedure. For its success you need to spend a lot of time and effort. And to avoid
Subscriber legal services Today, to conduct business without a permanent legal support is almost impossible and even risky. And pay for the work of staff lawyer Legal advice Today, when in legislation constantly appears changes and innovations, legal advice may be required at any time. It helps to solve all
Legal expertise and preparation of contracts Legal expertise is needed to be sure that all your legal documents written correctly, taking into account all legislation standards. Attorney services To protect your own interests, or to secure your business, you need to find a reliable attorney who will be able to assist you and
Representation in courts Anyone can run into a situation where you may need the protection of your rights in court. To properly make a claim and defend your Support for verification Every businessman while operating business, sooner or later, may face checks. Often, the message is that the firm can be descending by
Business reorganization Reorganization of the enterprise is a procedure of terminating the legal entity or legal entities and the subsequent creation of a new
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Взаимоотношение арендаторов и арендодателей: точки конфликта и возможности компромисса. Налоговый учет у арендаторов и арендодателей.
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Today, cooperation with competent expert in the field of law, on whom you can rely, is very valuable and beneficial for any company. After all, conducting competitive business without legal support of professionals is rather difficult. Legal services may be required at any time, at any stage of development. And it is important, if there is savvy in all directions lawyer who will be your right hand.

"Global Lawyer" is a law firm (Kyiv), represented by professional lawyers and attorneys. It will be your reliable partner who will promptly and accurately provide all the necessary services in the field of law. We will strengthen your staff of lawyers or will take care of almost all their responsibilities if necessary. Professional legal assistance of our experts will give you confidence in the successful and safe development of the business.

Team of LF "Global Lawyer" provides legal services in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Ivano-Frankivsk. Our lawyers and attorneys regularly engaged in enhancing their skills and keep abreast of all the changes in the legislation. We will find you an effective solution and a way out of any situation; our legal assistance will provide an opportunity to positively solve even the most complicated issues.