Legal services are a set of legal actions aimed at protection of legal interests of the customer in the legal field of the state.

Why is it important?

  • Experienced lawyers and advocates clearly understand all nuances of the law and will help defend the customer’s interests in court.
  • Outsourcing of legal services for small businesses or solution of extraordinary events of legal character for medium and large businesses will be cheaper than employing a full-time lawyer.
  • One should remember that incompetent preparation of documents in the process of business organization can cause not only fines but also its loss (illegal takeover).
  • Legally competent business management will save from financial losses.
  • In-house lawyers often solve only routine problems but are not always able to deal with the issues at the intersection of several branches of law.
  • In order to understand all intricacies of the law and regulations, the owner or accountant will need exceptional time, and practical experience of an expert is extremely important to understand the algorithm for solving specific issues.


“Global Advocate” is a law union providing legal services in Kharkov and Kiev. Our lawyers and advocates constantly monitor all changes in legislation to provide customers with professional advice and legal assistance.

Law Union “Global Advocate” has a large staff of qualified professionals with experience and practical knowledge in all branches of law. You can be sure that any of your tasks will be solved by our experts.


  • Lawyers and advocates of Law Union “Global Advocate” closely cooperate with accountants and auditors of “Global Consulting” Corporation which is also the only member of International Association of Audit and Consulting Firm AGN International in Ukraine.
  • Our specialists can professionally solve both tax and accounting issues in which a lawyer without special knowledge and practice will need assistance of outside specialists.