“Global Consulting” Corporation is a member of the International association of independent accounting and consulting firms AGN International since 2007.

It speaks of the international recognition of quality service of the corporation and allows you to use the best global practices and achievements in the field of auditing, taxation, management, law, and international accounting standards when working with clients.

“Global Consulting” is the first and only Ukrainian company is a representative of the Association.

AGN International is the largest international association of independent accounting and consulting firms. For a long time period is in TOP-20 of largest professional auditing associations in the world.

AGN International is represented by 177 companies in 84 countries and employs approximately 10 551 professional auditors and consultants. The headquarters of the Association is inLondon. In Europe, a network of AGN International has about 59.

Joining “Global Consulting” Corporation in the international organization AGN significantly enhances the prospects for cooperation with clients:

The confidence of users of financial statements to the audit reports, signed by the “Global Consulting” Corporation.

  • International recognition of the quality of services of the “Global Consulting” Corporation.
  • The ability to obtain qualified support in most countries, which are members of the Association.

AGN International web-site: www.agn.org

The AGN Europe Taxation Task Force produces annual Tax Brochures. These contain tables that show the main aspects of a tax that are easily and quickly compared between the European Countries participating in the surveys. There is also a graph comparing the most important data, and an article with an overview of the European situation in 2016. These brochures are available in electronic format and have been designed so you can easily print them in-house if you prefer. Members and clients refer to the brochures as useful overview of key Tax data in Europe.

Gift and Inheritance 2016
VAT 2016
Corporate 2016
Parent Companies 2016
Salaries and Social Security Tax 2016
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