Preparation of contracts and their legal analysis is a service of preparation of a contract as a document defining obligations of counterparties of the transaction and its examination for compliance with requirements of current legislation and possible risks for future use.


A wrong, incorrectly prepared contract can do harm from two sides at once:

The errors made in the contract with the buyer or customer can cause the following unfavourable situations:

  • actually delivered goods will be unlawfully not paid under the pretext of inadequate quality of the documents or their improper execution;
  • provided services will have to meet more and more requirements;
  • the company will incur losses, receive less funds.

The errors made in the contract for purchase of materials, services, rent of premises can result in the following:

  • the company will not receive the necessary raw materials;
  • the company will be idle due to the delay in delivery or improper work of the contractor;
  • the company will be forced to look for a new warehouse or office in a hurry because of the sharply increased rent.
Contractual relationship is one of the bases of business. In this case the contract is both the basis of all the relations between the enterprise or entrepreneur with its suppliers, contractors, performers and the document that records the relations between the enterprise and its buyers and customers.
That is why during the preparation of business contracts, in addition to the need to legally formalize the mutual relations of the parties, one should take into consideration the possible risks the company will have to face in the case if the contract is violated by the other party.


The incorrectly prepared contract can also cause tax risks, for example:

  • Due to the error in the contract, a single tax payer will have to tax not its commission but the whole amount of the funds received.
  • Due to the incorrect wording, a VAT payer will have to impose a tax on its services for non-resident customers.

Of course, a list of tax risks is not limited to the abovementioned situations. We mentioned only the most probable errors in the contracts and their tax consequences.

Therefore, when building a business scheme, it is important to think over not only the main aspects of its work but to work out all the contracts under which the business will operate as clearly and thoroughly as possible.


  • We work with all kinds of contracts.
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience.
  • There are not only experienced lawyers but also accountants and auditors in the staff.
  • Discounts for long-term customers for other services of our company.


Our experts will do the following:

  • analyze the existing contracts and contractual obligations;
  • clearly explain their contents and all terms of the contracts;
  • evaluate effectiveness of contractual provisions;
  • identify existing and potential risks, give recommendations on how to avoid traps of the counterparty;
  • predict the compliance of contractual terms with expected result;
  • develop a plan to reduce or eliminate risks;
  • provide advice on amendment of contract in the interests of the customer.

Preparation and legal analysis of existing contracts provided by professional and experienced lawyers of Global Advocate is a complex service aimed at:

  • maximum protection of the customer’s interests;
  • optimal orientation of developed documents for achievement of intended result,
  • consideration of transparency and flexibility in business.