Legal advice is a service of informing the customer about the ways, possibilities and mechanisms for solving a problem in the areas regulated by law.

Why is it important?

Taking into account the constant changes in current legislation that regulates the sphere of business relations, the owner should have a clear understanding of all legal, administrative and tax risks that may occur when opening a new business or supporting the already existing project.
A project that began without prior consideration of such risks will require their elimination already at the stage of a working business model.


In many cases we face the fact that initially, starting a new project, the customer ignores full and detailed study of all the issues that may arise during its implementation relying on its experience, someone’s advice or other information. Rather often it leads to serious risks in future, additional charges, fines and, finally, the situation when it becomes extremely difficult to defend the customer’s position.

That is why we recommend apply for legal advice on the issue of interest in advance, and, if necessary, for a detailed written opinion that will clearly assess all possible risks and negative consequences, eliminate them at the stage of preparation for the project and guarantee the protection of our customer’s interests.


Our experts provide legal advice on the following issues:
  • Preparation for a new business organization, choice of optimal scheme of work and tax model;
  • Protection of the owner’s interests;
  • Employment and dismissal of employees, issues related to labour relations;
  • Purchase, reformation and sale of operating business;
  • Tax advice;
  • Support and advising during inspections of supervisory bodies, assessment of risks that may arise in the course of control activity, recommendations for their reduction;
  • Legal advice on the issues not directly related to the customer’s business, for example, purchase of real estate, vehicles, non-contractual disputes.
  • Risks associated with relations with counterparties, contractual disputes.


The peculiarity of our company is that our experts treat the customer’s business as a complex of organizational, legal and tax issues mutually related and influencing each other to a large extent.
Advising our customer, we are always focused on ensuring that our recommendations are comprehensive and that the solution of one problem does not lead to emergence of any other problem in future.