Registration of a legal entity is a set of actions aimed at inclusion of an organization in a certain state register in order to obtain legal personality for conducting activities in the legal field, one of the ways to formalize the enterprise.


Registration of a legal entity by specialists of our company assumes carrying out the whole procedure of its establishment starting from the task assignment to provision of the customer with a complete set of documents of operating enterprise.

Most often, speaking about the establishment of a legal entity, we mean a limited liability company (LLC) or a private enterprise (PE), although, depending on the tasks, we can register a joint-stock company, a charitable or public organization or cooperative.


  • Determination and selection of the optimal organizational-legal form;
  • Discussion of planned activities of the new enterprise (according to the Classifier of Economic Activities);
  • Verification of the new company name or recommendations for its choice;
  • Coordination of issues related to the intra-corporate interaction between the shareholders, verification of necessity to impose restrictions on the director’s authorities, explanation of functions of general and executive directors, supervisory board, etc.;
  • Preparation of a complete set of constituent documents;
  • Assistance at execution of the documents;
  • State registration of legal entity;
  • Obtainment of extract from the Unified State Register;
  • Registration of information from the Unified State Register (obtainment of reference from the statistics bodies);
  • Filing an application to get transferred to the simplified system and/or registered as a VAT payer;
  • Obtainment of extract from the register of single tax payers or VAT payers;
    Obtainment of seal;
  • Filing a notice of the director’s employment;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Registration of the electronic digital signature (EDS);
  • Advising on the choice of the optimal tax system taking into consideration the planned activities.


  • copies of the passport and identification code of the shareholder (shareholders) and director (if the director is not one of the shareholders) – pages 1, 2 and 11;
  • the company name (we will check it for uniqueness by ourselves);
  • to specify the amount of the authorized capital stock and distribution of shares between the shareholders (if there are more than one shareholder);
  • to specify the address to which your company will be registered;
  • to visit our office and sign documents with a notary. As the establishment of the company is carried out by our experts, the owner’s participation in the process of its establishment is practically excluded, the owner should only sign a protocol (decision) on the company establishment and its statute, all further work will be done by us.
Therefore, having ordered a company establishment, the customer will get a comprehensive service, competent assistance and support at all stages of the new company registration