For more than 20 years our company supports owners of small and medium size enterprises enabling them to start and develop own business using our professional services: audit, accounting, legal services, tax consulting.
We are the first member of International Association of Independent Audit and Consulting Firms AGN International (being in the top five of the world’s largest audit associations) in Ukraine.
There are 2 offices in Ukraine – in Kiev and Kharkov.
4 legal entities: Global Consulting Corporation, audit firms “Global Audit” and “Global Ukraine”, law union “Global Advocate”.




Confidence in successful and stable development of business

Our specialists will solve all tax, legal and accounting issues that may arise. You will develop your business and increase profits in a peaceful environment.

A staff of highly qualified professionals is working for you

It happens rather often that a tax or accounting issue requires adequate legal assessment. For that purpose our company employs lawyers and advocates. Your issue will be checked from different angles. And our specialists are always at work and ready to help you.

All business services are provided by one company

You will not have to find a separate legal, accounting or even recruiting firm. We can render all necessary business services.

Comfort at work

If you cannot arrive to our office, we will come to you. For your convenience we have various forms of consultations: verbal, written, via Skype or by telephone.

Prompt response

You can easily reach us and it is pleasant to communicate with us. Your requests will be attended immediately.

No risks

Our professional liability is insured by Insurance Company “Alpha Insurance”.


Our services are qualitative due to the effective system of internal and external quality control.