Services in IFRS

Today, most European countries necessarily apply IFRS in the financial statements. And their number is growing. This is quite natural, because the international financial reporting, preparing for the investors should be clear and precise. If the company applies International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), it can greatly increase the investment attractiveness and credibility of the owners of capital.

IFRS in Ukraine in recent years is also widely used in connection with changes in the law on accounting (for mandatory and voluntary transition of Ukrainian enterprises to IFRS).True, some first-time preparing IFRS financial statements can be difficult: unsettled law, inexperienced professionals. In that case, you may need the assistance of competent experienced experts in the field of IFRS.

Auditors of AF “Global Audit” have international qualification level, as well as extensive practical experience in different spheres of the economy and the provision of services in the field of IFRS balance sheet transformation to IFRS. You get not only the final format of reporting, but the complete algorithm of its making, as well as clear guidelines for this procedure internally.