Statutory audit is an audit that required by law and should be held annually. Statutory audit conducted to confirm formally the reliability of financial statements. Carry out the independent review must:

  • public joint stock companies;
  • banks and other financial institutions;
  • insurance companies and mutual insurance company;
  • founders of banks, insurance companies, enterprises with foreign investment, trust companies and other financial intermediaries;
  • company-bond issuers;
  • investment funds;
  • companies, issuers of securities during licensing;
  • companies – professional participants of the stock market;
  • legal entities-founding PJSC.

Financial statements, confirmed by an independent auditor, builds trust users of such statements: investors, creditors, etc.

Statutory audit is a proof of credibility of the company, as well as the fact that your company’s accounting system is well regulated.

Conduct a statutory audit of the company shall be entitled only auditors or firms included in the register of auditors and audit firms of Audit Chamber of Ukraine (ACU).

Audit firm “Global Audit” more than 10 years professionally conducts audits for many Ukrainian companies. The result of our work is not only the audit report, but also written recommendations to senior management of the company.