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Jerzy Pechik, CEO Sniezka Ukraine Ltd.

Audits that have been conducted by specialists of the company during 2010-2011 brought many useful and constructive changes in terms of financial and tax accounting in our firm. Inspections took place at the highest professional level. The reports are always highlighted comments that we tried to fix. Your specialists deserve top marks for professionalism, thoroughness of the audit and for the approach to tasks. Thank you for productive work.
V. Nowicka, Director of «Teplichnuy» PJSC

We express our appreciation for the work done by the specialists of «Global Audit» and lawyers of «Global Advocate». High quality service, understanding customer problems faster settlement - these are the company’s qualities that made our partnership mutually beneficial and permanent. All of these qualities give us the basis for further cooperation with the company. During the work, we were able to evaluate the experience and high professional level of specialists, their deep knowledge of the legal framework.
Boris Medvedev, director of the International Medical Center «Oftalmika» Ltd.

Our firm thanks specialists of “Global Consulting” Corporation for assistance in registration of changes in the constituent documents. Thanks to lawyers of "Global Consulting" it was able to go quickly through this procedure in all the required government agencies. Everything was done in a high professional level: rapid provision of information, operational decisions on issues emerging along the way and competent professionals. Cooperation was indeed useful.
V.T. Koch, CEO

«Nowy Styl» JSC thanks Global Consulting Corporation for fruitful cooperation for many years in advising on the tax and accounting. It is worth noting the following points in work: high level of expertise of consultants, the clarity and validity of the answers, the ability to hear the question. Especially worth mentioning O. Dolguyu, who gives me as to a manager reasoned answers, allowing to make objective decisions. High quality service, understanding customer problems faster settlement - these are the qualities that make our partnership mutually beneficial and permanent and provide a basis for continued cooperation with the companies belonging to the Global Consulting Corporation.
Myskov Vitaliy, ADB Ukraine LLC Executive Director

We work with Global Consulting Corporation for about 8 years already. The specialists of this company provide us services in organization and maintenance of statutory and tax accounting and also legal services sometimes. During this time Global Consulting Corporation made us certain about the professionality, responsibility, competence and proficiency of its stuff. It is significant that the specialists are always ready to answer any questions and to solve any problems which concern financial and legal activity of the company. We hope for the future long-term fruitful cooperation with Global Consulting Corporation and also we can recommend this company as a steady assistant for business dealing.

“Global Consulting” Corporation is a reliable auditing and consulting company, a significant player on the Ukrainian market of professional services. It was founded in 1998 and for 19 years it has been supporting small and medium businesses. It helps them to develop their business successfully and consistently by providing a range of services required at all stages of their activity.