About company

About company

Our advantages

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    International standards of work and the trust to the audit reports of the Corporation "Global Consulting" as a member of the International Association of AGN International.
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    Full range of services for business at all stages of its development.
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    Qualification of experts confirmed by diplomas, national and international certificates.
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    20 year experience in the market of professional services.
  • 5
    The services quality control. In addition to permanent quality control within the company, in 2011 we passed an external test of ACU quality control system.
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    Our professional liability is insured by the Insurance Company "Alfa Insurance".


  • Vladimir Muravyov
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  • Grechihina_Tatyana_GC_JPG_big (3)
  • Podloznaya_Marina_GC_JPG_big (2)
  • Mormul_Natalya_GC_JPG_big (1)
  • Dolgaya_Olga_GC_JPG_big (2)
  • Kovalenko_Rimma_GC_JPG_small (1)
  • Shumilo_Elena_GC_JPG_small (1)
  • Homickaya_Elena_GC_JPG_big (1)
  • Mayorova-Otmorskaya_Tatyana_GC_JPG_small (1)
  • Kiyanova
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“Global Consulting” Corporation is a reliable auditing and consulting company, a significant player on the Ukrainian market of professional services. It was founded in 1998 and for 20 years it has been supporting small and medium businesses. It helps them to develop their business successfully and consistently by providing a range of services required at all stages of their activity.

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